The information exchanged between You (The Customer) and (The Server) is completely encrypted by using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology, wich assures that the information sent and received will not be altered in the process. This makes the use of a credit card more reliable and secure than its use in a restaurant or in a shopping.

Our Firewalls help to maintain the information stored in our database safe from eventual hacker attacks.
Our Software has been tested and used during the last three years uninterruptedly by more than 450.000 users.
We have a team of professionals that monitors the normal functioning of the system 24 hours a day the 7 days of the week.
The username and password is not stored in the user`s PC, preventing other people from using your account.


All the payments to players are done through the firm 1stCashier.
a) The player`s credit card is credited up to the amount he had previously deposited.
b) For the remaining amount the player will receive a check.
This is why is so important that you fill in the registration form correctly and properly. This is a way to ensure that there would be no inconveniencies when it comes the time to send you the money.
Any kind of transaction between and the Customer doesn`t have any cost for the customer and he will receive the winning amount without any deduction (like expenses or taxes)


The only thing that stores is the E-MAIL address.
- Of the people that reach us by this means of communication.
- Of the people that voluntarily send us their information through surveys and registration forms. is neither associated nor has any relationship with any advertising services` company.
Our Customer`s profits are totally confidential. The only responsible person who entitled to inform any institution about your profits is You.
Our Customers have the chance to revise, change and/or modify the data previously entered in our database by sending an e-mail to