Legal Warning

First Inc. is licensed and regulated by the laws of Antigua and Barbuda W.I., to operate virtual casino games under the legal name of:

Terms and conditions
In order to use`s software You (the user) should be 18 years or older. By using this software you abide to the rules stated in this agreement with First Inc.
After reading the agreement carefully and if you have any doubts with regard to the rights and obligations, please ask the legal advisor of your jurisdiction.
The purpose of this agreement is to regulate the legal relations between Fist Inc and the User, from the moment that the User starts using`s software of games of chace over the internet.

User`s statement
The user acknowledges and agrees that:

All the information that the user provides to by filling the registration form, are true and correct.
As far as he/she knows, User`s participation by using the Games of Chance`s software over the Internet, is not prohibited by any government with proper jurisdiction by using the Games of Chance`s software over the Internet.
User fully understands the rules, methods and procedures of the Games of Chance`s software over the Internet by means of the software`s application.
The User fully acknowledges that there is a certain risk of losing money when wagering over the Internet by means of the Software`s application.
The source of the funds used by the User on the Games of Chace`s software over the Internet by means of the software┬┤s application will not be considered illicit.
First Inc Statement
First Casino acknowledges and agrees that:

Fist Inc, international business corporation created according to the rules of Antigua y Barbuda, W.I., is currently licensed and it is regulated by the laws of the above mentioned country to operate Virtual casino Games over the Internet under the name of 1ST CASINO.COM® by the Software application.
The operation of virtual casino games by First Inc is destined to the users whose jurisdiction laws don`t ban the games of chance over the Internet by means of the software application. It is not`s intention to allow the use of the software by any user whose residence`s laws would imply an infringement against the current legislation.
The application of the Games of Chance`s software over the Internet implies the possibility of honest and random wagers for the User, as the software runs under the same gaming regulations established by Nevada`s gaming Commission (U.S)
By using the latest coding private and public technologies, has been making the maximum effort to prevent third party`s access to the user`s information, while this information is being transferred by the Internet.
Telecommunications Service Provider
First Inc is not liable in any way, for the actions or omissions made by the Communication`s Service Provider (TSP) that the user has hired to access to the Internet and to Any dispute between and TSP will be completely beyond and will not affect any of the obligations acquired by the user in this agreement.

Autor rights and Trademark
The User agrees to respect all the author rights and/or trademark related to`s operation and to take the best of precautions with regard to the use of the coding passwords and security measures.

The user can cancel this agreement at any moment, by notifying in writing to First Inc, as long as the user doesn`t owe any money to them for any reason. First Inc can also rescind this agreement at any moment and for any reason. First Inc can also rescind this agreement at any moment and for any reason by refunding the user the full amount stated by the user`s balance (if there is any) after deducting any sum owed to This refund will not exceed the initial deposit mad by the user.
The ending of this agreement, either by the user or by, will not affect the rights of any of the parties to claim any sum legally owed by the other one, by virtue of this agreement.

Legislation/ Jurisdiction
This agreement, its interpretation, execution and relations between the parties, are subject to the laws of Antigua y Barbuda, W.I., Any claim or dispute arisen directly or indirectly by this agreement will be subject to the courts of Antigua y Barbuda, W.I., which court has exclusive jurisdiction.
However, First Inc will have the right to initiate legal procedures against the user at the competent courts of the jurisdiction of the user`s residence or in any other place.