Thank you for your interest in, Inc. offers you the opportunity of being part of our organization. The profile to which we oriented is the one of professionals of diverse areas, dynamic and creative with experience in the areas of entertainments, Internet, programming, design.

Programmers with knowledge of: Macromedia Director, C++, Visual Basic, experience in ANSI C under Unix platforms, data base handling MySQL or similar, knowledge of CGI Scripts.

Graphical Designers with experience in Photoshop, Corel, Illustrator, Websites design, basic HTML, Flash, processing of 3D images. Working with us one will stay to the vanguard of the technology in a creative and innovating atmosphere, with a constant growth and qualification. You will be part of an equipment with great trajectory and experience that will allow you to develop professionally in the vertiginous world of Internet., Inc.
Number 6 Temple Street
St. John's, Antigua
TEL/FAX: 1-888-406-2417 (Free Call)